CTM Macau 4G+ “Online Everywhere in Macau” Prepaid Data Card (3 days & 7 days)
Service Details

Best choice for tourist visiting Macau to enjoy the fun of staying online anytime

Upon card activation, you can enjoy the following:

- 3 days/ 7 days Unlimited Local Mobile Data Usage + Free Unlimited CTM Wi-Fi Usage 



- The 4G+ Local Data Plan charges will be deducted instantly upon card activation without application, so easy.

- 4G+ Local data speeds of up to 112, high-speed anywhere on networks.

- Supports VoLTE or ViLTE; faster connections, higher quality calls.



- Once your Local Data entitlement has been consumed, Data Service will be barred automatically.

- Supports IDD & Roaming Service features.

- Free Caller's Line Identification Service.

- Free Missed Call Alert Service (To register, simply dial #169*1# or call 6601 1033).

- 180 days of usage period.





Residual Balance Enquiry:

Simply dial *122# to check the expiry date, residual balance and bonus items.


Reload Methods:

1. Online "Credit Card Reload" at CTM Buddy App or www.ctm.net.

2. 7-Eleven (Macau), Circle K (Macau) or CTM authorized agencies.

3. Any CTM Shops. Or you can reload via Shared Reload Service, “Instant Deposit” / “BOC Express” of Bank of China and “e-Banking Services” of Bank of China etc.  For more details, please refer to the Reload Methods


Handset Settings (GPRS and MMS):

IOS: Settings  ---> Cellular  ---> Cellular Data Network  ---> APN  ---> Input "ctm-mobile" 
Settings --->Tethering&Networks / More network / More Mobile Network --->APN /Access Point Names --->Select CTM DATA / CTM / GPRS --->Input"ctm-mobile


Instructions & details about CTM Wi-Fi

Download CTM Buddy App for more CTM Wi-Fi functions




4G+ "Online Everywhere in Macau" Plan


3 Days Plan

7 Days Plan

Service Charges﹙MOP﹚



4G+ Local Mobile Data Usage 


Local CTM Wi-Fi Usage (Hours)
Effective Period

3 Days (72 hours)

7 Days (168 hours)

Subscribe to Service Plan



Enquire about your subscribed Service Plan



- Unlimited Local CTM Wi-Fi usage is only available during the effective period of  4G+ "Online Everywhere in Macau" Plans.


Tariff (MOP)

Voice Calls


Local Video Calls


Local Wi-Fi Usage


Incoming SMS


Send SMS from Macau to Local Phone No.


Send SMS from Macau to Overseas Phone No.


Incoming MMS


Send MMS from Macau to Local Phone No.


Send MMS from Macau to Overseas Phone No.



IDD 050 Special Offer

Offer Price (MOP)
per minute

Mainland China


Hong Kong


Note: IDD calls are charged per minute. The above rate is only applicable to IDD made with the prefix "050". IDD050 Service is available through Mondays to Fridays from 18:00 to 09:00 and 24 hours during Saturdays & Sundays. Customers of the above promotion are bounded by the respective service regulations. For more details, please approach our sales representative. For the latest tariff of IDD International Call, please visit www.ctm.net.



Prepaid Card Validity:

- Customers need to activate the prepaid card before the date stated on the back of the Prepaid Card, and in no circumstances shall CTM be held liable for any loss, expense or damage that customers may suffer.

- Validity of the prepaid card is 180 days from the date of card activation. When customers reload their prepaid card before the expiration date, the validity of the prepaid card will be extended for 180 days and the residual balance and the SIM number will be retained.




-The 4G+ "Online Everywhere in Macau" plan will expire after 3 days (72 hours) or 7 days (168 hours), and will not extend automatically. For service extension, please re-apply for the plan, the charge is deducted instantly and is limited to one application only during the same period. Once the accumulated local data usage of a customer exceeds 2GB (3 days – 72 hours) / 4GB (7days – 168 hours), the data transmission speed (upload and download) will automatically be adjusted to not less than 256kbps.

- The above 4G+ Local Data Plans are only applicable to activated Prepaid Cards.

- The above Services are only applicable in Macau.

- VoLTE & ViLTE services are only applicable on specific supported handsets. (VoLTE supported handsets)

- The balance and the remaining usage in the Prepaid Card will not be returned after the Prepaid Card expired.

- Customer need to purchase a new Prepaid Card if they wish to change the card type, and the residual balance and free usage of the previous Prepaid Card will not be transferred or credited to the new Prepaid Card.

- Before changing your Package Plan, the existing Package Plan needs to be terminated. Should customers change their Package Plan, the remaining free Usage of the previous Plan and Service Charges cannot be transferred or credited to the new Package Plan.

- As stipulated by the Macau Government, customers must present their original ID Card or valid Passport for registration upon purchasing the CTM Prepaid Card (all customers must be 18 years or above).

- Customers can reload the card with a maximum value of $50,000.

- An SMS alert will be sent to customers when the residual balance of the CTM Prepaid Card is less than $30 or 1 day before the balance expiry date.

- The mobile number is randomly generated by the system and cannot be changed by customers. CTM Prepaid Cards do not support collect call service.

- Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to CTM No. 1 Hotline 1000 for immediate cancellation.

- If the CTM Prepaid Card is lost or damage, expires or becomes invalid for any reason, the card will not be replaced, the residual balance will not be refunded or transferred and the mobile number will not be retained by customer.

- Customers are responsible and liable for the correct and lawful use of their CTM Prepaid Card, and in no circumstances shall CTM be held liable for any loss, expense or damage that customers may suffer.

- The offer and latest prices are subject to change without prior notice.

- For more details about CTM Prepaid Card services, please refer to the "Prepaid Card Important Notes" at www.ctm.net.

- The service is based on CTM “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ” and the “Provision of Mobile Service”, for details please refer to Mobile Service at www.ctm.net.

- CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.

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